Kaye’s Classroom

Welcome to Alexandria’s Star “Kaye’s” classroom. Today, the students are going to learn about the digestion track. These perfectly picked students have been transformed into fish and they are going to take a trip into Miss Kaye’s tummy. Miss Kaye has convinced them that no harm will come to them. She is going to eat a plat of spaghetti so they can grab a hold of one so she can retrieve them back out. The students patiently wait as Miss Kaye’s consumes her meal. Once Miss Kaye’s belly is nice and full, she picks up the water bottle with all the students inside and she swallows them all down! She then lights up a cigarette and surprises everyone with a couple of teachers and the principle! They will also be going on the field trip… Miss Kaye swallows them each separately and then tells them the bad news…


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