Kaye’s Death Pile

Here is our brand new Crush Goddess “Kaye”… It’s always so much fun getting a new girl and introducing her to our fetish. So here is how it all went down. Kaye is Raven’s friend. Raven told Kaye that she has been introduced to this new crush fetish and asked her if she would be interested in giving it a try. Kaye’s response was “fuck yeah”… So Raven contacted me saying “hey I got a new girl for you”! So we scheduled a shoot. For Kaye, I decided to really just be o’natural. I got her some crawdads since they are nice and feisty, I turned on the camera and this is where the clip begins. I start by introducing Kaye and asking her some simple questions regarding her height, foot size, if she’s ever crushed anything before. Then I just let her do her thing. Sometimes I ask her what she thinks. But I really just wanted to see how she handled the entire process. All I’m gonna say is “she’s coming back next week”…. lol


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