Keep Or Let Go

Alexandria has been trying to get this girl “Jemma” over for a while now but every time I would schedule her, she would find some excuse not to come. So I just gave up on her… But Jemma knows too many of The Stars and I guess must have gotten sick of hearing about this “goldfish fetish”… So today she shows up at my house but I am in the middle of moving so I was not home. So Jemma walks in, calls my name a couple times, then notices, as she calls it, “The Famous Tank”… Jemma has to try it! She finally got the nerve up to come to my house, so now is actually the perfect time to give this a try WITHOUT ME BEING HOME! Well Jemma finally gets to find out what the hype has been all about. But she also knows that I will probably be mad that she swallowed my fish. So she picks up her mess and then calls me and CANCELS AGAIN!!! So my question to all of you is – Should I keep her or let her go???


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