Lexi’s Nice Big Butt

Boy do I have a treat for you!!! As most of you know I had Nikki & Lexi over this weekend. I told them the clips that I wanted to do and as soon as I said “butt crush”, Lexi was like “O I want that one” and after watching the clip, I TOTALLY understand why! Lexi owned this clip! She has the nicest big ass and she totally knows it! I gave her some blue crabs thinking she might have a problem with them since I wasn’t going to keep the rubber bands on their claws. But nope, Lexi was like “o I’m gonna crush the fuck out them with my big ass”… She was perfect for this! She even did this thing, where she spreads her ass cheeks before sitting on them. And these blue claws had absolutely NO CHANCE of survival once Lexi’s ass put some pressure on them. Then she would bounce up and down on them like she was riding a dick – like a pro! I see Lexi’s ass having a lot more ass crushing to do here in the near future!


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