Lexi’s Revenge

So you guys are not going to believe this! So I get a text from “Lexi Lane”. Not sure if you remember her but she worked with me ONE TIME like 8 years ago. But never worked with her again. I never understood why because she worked with all the other local producers. She’s a professional fetish/bondage model, but yet would never contact me. So anyway, I get a text from her saying her and her boyfriend broke up and she wanted to come over and that she had a surprise for me. So of course I tell her to come on over. She gets to my house and has a fish bowl with fish swimming in it. She tells me that her boyfriend would not allow her to work with me. And come to find out, he himself had a vore/crush fetish!!!! So I guess it’s like how guys have a fetish but don’t want their own girlfriend involved in their sexual fantasy. I don’t know, I don’t get it. Lexi and I discuss all this during the clip. Well to get back at her boyfriend, she wants me to film her swallowing and crushing (swallowing not in this clip) his beloved pets!!!! I mean is this great or what??? So, looks like Lexi Lane is back!


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