Lizzy’s 1st Time

Alexandria’s “NEWEST” Star 19 yr old “Lizzy” decides that its her turn to try this new “Tampa” fetish… She said she doesn’t care that she doesn’t have a lot of “swallowing” experience at her young age but she HAS TO TRY IT! Before we started, I asked her if her “daddy” knew she was doing this and she replied “YUP, and he wants pictures”! haha She begins by smoking a cigarette and picking up her first fish, she couldn’t believe what she was about to do! So she puts him in a shot glass and down he goes… Her face is absolutely precious! She says it really does feel just like “A LOAD of CUM” going down your throat! But Lizzy, at her young age, doesn’t really have a good gag reflex yet and every time the fish go down, you can see how bad she gags! Poor Little Lizzy, that will CUM in time! But it starts getting a little easier each time… Lizzy wants to join “my team”. Should I welcome this adorable little redhead? You tell me…



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