Makayla Call 911

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” talks to you about the conversations you guys have been having about getting you to see inside her belly! What a dream it would be for her to see how you REALLY feel inside her! So she tells you she is going to shrink you down to a miniature size, tie a string around you and then swallow you so you can finally see inside of her! And you HAPPILY agree! Once small, she ties the string and slowly lowers you down her throat. She gets you where you need to be and then swallows! IT WORKS! She can hear you talking to her, she feels you moving around! But now it’s time to pull you out before you start to grow back to your normal size. She tries to yank you out but the string breaks! Makayla starts to freak out and feels you growing inside her belly creating her belly to almost burst! She has to run to the toilet and try to push you out the other way! She pushes and pushes until finally – SHE PUSHES YOU OUT! O NO!!! Where is your skin? Her stomach acids ate your skin right off! You are nothing but bones now! Makayla, crying, runs off and calls 911…


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