Makayla’s Sushi Tube

Alexandria Star invited “Makayla” over for a “fish dinner”… When Makayla arrives Alexandria presents to her the “fish dinner” but its in a tube and its LIVE FISH! Makayla says she is absolutely NOT eating live fish in a tube! So Alexandria chokes her, ties her to the chair then awakes the sleeping beauty! Makayla is appalled at what Alexandria has done… So Alexandria grabs a single fish, caresses Makayla’s mouth and neck with it and has her swallow the one with no water! Makayla enjoys it, and tells Alexandria she will swallow the tube of live fish! Alex unties her and Makayla swallows all 10 fish without taking the tube out of her mouth! But poor Makayla gets a belly ache so Alexandria rubs her belly so she can let out some burps and feel better…


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