Makayla’s Trap

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” is fascinated by the word “TRAP”!!! It makes her feel empowered & in control. So she is going to experiment with the word TRAP with some fish. First she TRAPS a large fish in her pantyhose, leaving him trapped throughout the entire clip! Next she places a fish inside saran wrap and sucks on him through the plastic until its time to swallow him down and TRAP him in her stomach. Then she traps the next one inside her mouth places saran wrap around her entire face and breaths in & out until the fish slides down her massive throat. The final two get TRAPPED inside a condom as Makayla blows up the condom giving them a nice bubble TRAP until she is ready to swallow them. She then pulls out the TRAPPED fish from underneath her pantyhose and TRAPS him in that giant mouth of hers until he is swallowed down whole…


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