Meeting The Monster

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” is minding her own business washing her dishes when she notices the goldfish are staring at her! Diamond hates to be stared at so she tries to scare the fish by grabbing one and telling them that she is going to introduce the fish to “the monster” if they don’t quit staring at her! The stupid little fish don’t quite understand so she sends the first fish to “meet the monster” and she swallows him whole and alive! She continues to wash the dishes and realizes the little fish did not quite understand who the monster is. She she keeps plucking the fish out of the bowl and showing them “the monster” then she tilts her head back and swallows each one sending them down to “the monster”! She goes back to washing her dishes when she notices you standing there staring at her! “WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT? YOU WANT TO MEET THE MONSTER TOO”???


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