Missing Jazmine

Alexandria’s MILF STAR “Naomi” is missing her daughter Jazmin… So she decides to do an activity that they both enjoyed – SWALLOWING GOLDFISH! Naomi swallows her first one (no water) and lays back and enjoys the feeling when all of a sudden her phone rings… It’s Jazmin! She wants to know what her mom is doing and Naomi tells her, “I’m swallowing some goldfish”… and to her surprise Jazmin was too! So they decide to swallow fish together, over the phone! The two tell each other what to do while swallowing each one… Naomi tells Jazmin to put one of the fish on her belly, and when Naomi put hers on her belly, her belly started making loud noises!!! She tells Jazmin that the fish must be going crazy in there… The mother/daughter team swallow the rest of their fish, Naomi lays back and rubs her belly and tells Jazmin she misses her and they hang up…


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