My Kitty Dillan

Alexandria’s STAR “Dillan” came over last night and I showed her how much fun it would be if we pretended she was my pet kitty! I even bought her a kitty outfit. BUT she would have to do everything her master told her to do! Of course Dillan agrees to play! First I tell her she since she is a kitty, she needs to eat “kitty food” but she refuses!!! BAD KITTY! So I make a deal with her, I tell her that Kitty’s LOVE hard boiled eggs, with the shells and live fishy’s!!! She thinks this sounds much more appetizing! So I get my kitty two hard boiled eggs and a tube of large fish! She devours the two eggs and then swallows them down with the tube of fish. But my poor kitty ends up with a belly ache so I rub her belly and then take my stethoscope and listen to everything rumbling around inside her!


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