My Pantyhose

Alexandria’s STAR “Sasha” went out after work tonight with her friends and while she was at the bar, you and a few other men were staring at her pantyhose’d legs…. Almost drooling over them! You made her feel so uncomfortable. So she decided to put on a show for you, she was going to take full advantage of this situation. She kept rubbing her legs, up & down, feeling how soft the pantyhose felt. Making sure you were good and ready when it was time for Sasha to make her move. Then finally she does it! She turns all of you into goldfish and places you in a giant bowl. You arrive at her house and Sasha explains to you what has happened. She shows you her sexy pantyhose’d legs. I mean “how could you not start at her sexy legs”, BUT enough was enough! She tells you how uncomfortable she was while watching you lick your lips, so she does the same to you right before SHE SWALLOWS YOU! Yup, she has turned you into goldfish and now is going to dispose of you by swallowing you alive and whole! Your poor wives or girlfriends… Actually she’s probably doing them a favor by getting rid of you!


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