My Time or No Time

Alexandria’s Star “Makayla” has found a new way to bring in some extra money. I mean today’s world is a dog eat dog world and Makayla WILL NOT be the one eaten… So she has captured 11 men and turned them into fish. She has been holding them ransom but it looks like she didn’t do her research on which men she should have chosen. You see these bunch of bums, their wives could care less about them! Not one of them calls her back to pay the ransom. So their is only one thing left to do… Put them out of their miserable little existance. 4 of the men she turned into eels. One is a beta fish. And 6 are large goldfish…. By the time Makayla gets to last one, her phone rings! It’s one of their wives…. But Makayla does this on her time, it’s her time or no time. And she swallows the last one day, while still on the phone. She rubs her big belly and feels quite satisfied, even though she didn’t make any money on this bunch.


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