New Star Kaye

The other day I was introduced to a girl named Kaye. Raven mentioned to me that she was interested in trying out our fetish. So I invited her over to shoot. But Kaye, being the good new star that she is, decided to show up early, but I wasn’t home. So Kaye decides to let herself in and she noticed the bowl of fish on the coffee table. She immediately realized that these were probably the fish that we were going to be using. So she decides to see what swallowing these fish were like before I get home. I mean you never really know if they are going to enjoy it or not. So Kaye starts swallowing the fish. She thinks it’s pretty cool how she can feel them swimming around inside her belly. One fish she places on the glass table, another fish gets put on her belly so he can see where he’ll be going. The final fish Kaye decides to do a goldfish shot with. And Kaye actually swallows each fish with no water! So that’s a sure sign of a true STAR! So help me welcome Alexandria’s newest star “Kaye”…


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