No Chance

So we decide to put Crush Goddess “Raven’s” size 11’s to the test! I give her 5 lobsters! I ask her a few questions about her height, occupation and what she thinks about these lobsters begging for mercy!!! Raven takes each lobster (claws NOT bound) and she calls them worthless, ugly, pathetic creatures. Each one gets kicked up against the wall. Then she makes sure each one is looking into the camera before she places her HUGE size 11’s on top of their heads and presses down completely demolishing them. She thinks its funny to make the other lobsters sit on the sidelines and watch the execution. Imagine waiting in line as you watch your friends die??? Raven’s a beast! Once all the disgusting creatures have been flattened, she stands on top of their bodies and holds a victory pose. She then sits down, puts her feet up on a glass table and measures her gorgeous feet! These victims had NO CHANCE against these size 11’s…


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