Now You’re My Prey

Alexandria’s STAR “Bree” has been having issues with stalkers following her and watching her every move. But little did the stalkers know that Bree has been taught the powers to turn disgusting men into fish! So Bree stalked you, she caught you and now she is going to eat you along with a few others!!! It’s funny though, because now you and the others are quite scared and don’t want to play anymore 🙁 You were very into playing around when the tables where turned though huh? You see her giant hand reach into the bowl and pluck out the other stalkers. You watch as she shows them her giant mouth. She even blows her cigarette smoke at them! You are petrified and don’t want to go down like this. But, you should’ve known not to mess with one of Alexandria’s STARS! It’s finally your turn… She reaches into the bowl, grabs you and you see that deep dark hole you are about to enter. She places you on her tongue and she washes you down with a sip of water. Bree leans back and rubs her belly as she tells you all not to scream because NO ONE can hear you!


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