Nurse Sasha

Nurse Sasha is handing out all her patients medicine but today, everyone is denying the medicine! Nurse Sasha is trying to keep her composure but the patients are certainly testing her nerves. Nurse Sasha finally can’t take it anymore when one of the patients throws the medicine back at her and she loses it! But little did the patients know that Nurse Sasha has had this up her sleeve for a while and the medicine she is giving them is an oral suspension pill that once swallowed, turns you into a fish! All the patients have now been turned into fish and are jumping all over the place on the floor… Nurse Sasha picks them all up and places them into a bowl. But this new home isn’t for long, it is just to keep them alive until it is their turn to enter into Sasha’s mouth and for Sasha to swallow them alive!!! Once all 7 patients have been “discharged”, Nurse Sasha goes back to her duties…


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