Our Powers

Alexandria’s STAR “Nikki” is one angry girl! You see every time someone makes her mad, she turns them into goldfish and disposes of their bodies!!! And today, that is exactly what she is doing until all of a sudden her “real life” mom and YOU walk in and catch Nikki in the act! Nikki explains to her mom these powers she has had for quite some time now. You just stand by and say nothing since it’s really none of your business. But then the conversation changes and Nikki starts telling her mom and she probably gets these powers from her and if she ever wanted to “get rid” of people that pissed her off! Her mom looks right at YOU and says “YUP”!!! You start getting a little worried and Nikki then tells her mom the secret of how to change someone into a goldfish and the next thing you know you feel yourself shrinking and you land on the floor! Jules is in disbelief! She can’t believe her new powers and within seconds you are sliding down her throat! Then the mother/daughter pair swallowed the rest of the fish in the bowl that pissed off Nikki today. But now I guess we have to be careful of not only the daughter, but now the mother!


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