Pathetic Students

Crush Goddess “Michelle Peters” has had it with her students! They are nothing but pathetic losers so she decided to turn them into crickets. She tells all of them that she is sick of them and how pathetic they are… She plucks them out, one by one and crushes them with her bare feet. Then she places some on a glass table and she pops each one with her toes. She then sits on the floor and places them in between her soles and smushes them to death… And then, just to make things interesting, she takes the remaining cricket students and puts them inside some pantyhose, she places her foot in and stretches it until the crickets are crushed and the pantyhose rips and they disgusting bodies fall on the floor. And at that time, she gets up on the balls of her feet and dances on their dead bodies… Once she has completed the task of killing each and every one of them, she sits down and admires the remains that are stuck to her bare feet.


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