Poor Little Town

Crush Goddess “Nina” stumbles on a little town, a little town of crawdads. They have tried to build themselves a strong house to keep Giantess away. They even put two armored security guards to keep watch (hermit crabs)… Nina crushes one of the security guards and allows the other to watch as she massacre’s their village. She debilitates them all before she crushes each and every one of them. But the town picked a good security guard, she can’t seem to crush him. But no worries, she’s got tricks and they are called “hammers”!!! But Wait! Hold on! The townsman called in for the “big boy” THE LOBSTER! So Nina knew at that point, she had to call in her “big boy” – Alexandria Star! Alexandria rips his claws off with her feet and enjoys watching him suffer. Then she picks up the lobster and shows you what happens when you “fuck” with the Giantess! And she rips the lobster in two before she takes her size 10’s and finishes him off!!! Now… “Let’s go see what else Nina has found”.


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