Punishing My Son

Alexandria Star got her sons report card today and to her surprise “F”S”!!! Of course she is pissed for she has spent a lot of money of making sure that he passed all of his classes. So the only way that a mom like her knows how to severely punish her son, is to crush what he loves most… HE’S PETS!!! She turns the camera on to record it what she is about to do and she tells her son that “what she is about to do is going to make him cry, but he has left her no choice”… She then puts the camera right up to his fish and she crushes each one showing a different angle of her large size 10’s crushing his beloved pets… But of course that is just not enough for this mom, Alexandria then removes the two hermit crabs that he has been raising from the garden and she crushes them too to bits and pieces… But once again, she does not feel this is enough to really teach her son a lesson, so she goes and gets “the baby” goldfish, puts the camera right up to her feet, she turns around and places each baby goldfish inside her size 10 sandals and she presses down as hard as she can demolishing each one! Now that should be enough to teach her son a lesson. She then shows the bottom of her shoes and says to him “Now DON’t make me use my feet again”!


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