Raven’s Sushi

Have you guys checked out the newest star “Raven” yet? You have to see what all the hype is over her! I just love her. She’s nice and tall, 5 ft 11 in, she’s got nice big feet, size 11’s and a nice big belly for victims! She is sweet but yet mysteriously cruel and I just have to get to know her a bit more. So I invite her over to go to lunch and tell her I just needed a few minutes to finish putting my makeup on. Raven tells me that is fine, that there is this new sushi restaurant she wanted to check out. But little did I know that nice sweet innocent Raven, isn’t so innocent after all. While I am in the other room getting ready, Raven starts swallowing my goldfish! I mean I can’t really blame her, I remember when I was new, I wanted to swallow all the goldfish that I could find, to feel them swimming around in my belly, it’s a feeling like no other. And then I have to remember how many times my other new girls did this to me. I guess it’s just been awhile…. lol


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