Remi Finds You

You have wandered into a strange place and don’t know what to do! You see a giant hand so you go up to it and grab it. You wake up GIANTESS REMI!!! She thinks that you are just the cutest thing ever… She picks you up and asks you your name but you are too scared to answer her! She tells you that you look quite tasty and starts to lick you over & over. She even shows you down her HUGE throat! You are petrified but she tells you she will let you go, if you tell her where your friends are. But you are too scared to rat on your friends so you say NOTHING! So she eats you! Swallows you whole! Then chews you up and lays down. Now rubbing her big belly, Giantess Remi starts to choke!!! She chokes up your skull and then your arms, legs and feet! She gnaws on your bones getting all the meat off of them and then enjoys her full belly!


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