Remi Swallows Goldfish & Little Man

Alexandria’s STAR “Remi” is about to snack on some goldfish. She suddenly notices something moving. It’s a small man! She quickly captures him.She has never seen people so small before. Instantly suspicious due to things being mysteriously missing in her house, she places him in a bowl for safe keeping. She then goes back to her fish and picks up the first fish and gulps it down. She notices the man looks terrified at what he just witnessed. She continues to devour the remaining fishes, tracing their path as they go down her throat. Now done with the last fish she wonders what to do with this small intruder. She is still hungry. Maybe she could eat him too? He’s so small, who would miss him? She picks him up. He squirms in her hands as she licks him. He tastes good to her. Remi delights in teasing him as she dangles him above her mouth. It should only take one or two swallows. With that she shoves him head first into her mouth. She let’s him struggle a bit, rolling around inside her mouth in terror before she closes it slowly. She tilts her head back and makes several swallowing motions with a loud gulp or two as the man is swallowed whole to join the fishes in her stomach. He was delicious! She pats her belly, satisfied. Remi then retires to the couch to lay down as she can feel her small victim moving in her belly.


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