Revenge Tastes So Sweet

Alexandria’s STAR “Daniella” used to be humiliated and picked on by the “popular” kids in high school. They used to make fun of her hair, her body, and because she had braces. She hates these kids & wished them harm!!! But today, Daniella gets her revenge… She has transformed them all into fish! She explains to them why they are here. She even gives you the names of these bastards that put her through hell! She shows them how beautiful she actually turned out and how they probably would do anything “to get” with a girl like her now! Well today is their chance to “get inside” her but not the way they would want, it’s the way she wants… and that is into her giant mouth, down her throat and into her stomach acids where they will dissolve and then she will shit them out! Oh My does revenge “taste” so sweet!



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