Roxie’s Revenge

Alexandria Star & Roxie come home from a fun night out. They walk into the house and notice that all of Roxie’s stuff is gone! She looks around in disbelief!!! Alexandria notices in the middle of the floor a goldfish bowl with a note. Roxie picks up the note and it reads “Sorry, can’t do this anymore but you can keep the fish”!!! O HELL NO! Roxie is not about to take this one lightly. She tells Alexandria to go get the camera! Alexandria grabs the camera and turns it on and asks Roxie what the heck they are going to do. Roxie tells her, she’s going to keep the fish all right, in her stomach! She is going to eat all of his fish while they are still alive and they are going to record it and then send him the video of how much fun they had while doing it! Roxie even gets Alexandria to swallow a couple! Roxie swallows all of his small fish but now they have to decide what to do with the big ones! Alexandria says just to flush them down the toilet. But Roxie wants to do something better than that. And then all of a sudden there is a knock at the door….. Hmmmmm I wonder who that could be?


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