Runs In The Genes

Crush Goddess “Nikki” is doing what she loves to do when she has built up aggression inside of her, crushing crawdads. When all of a sudden Nikki’s “real life” mother walks in and wants to know what she is doing. Nikki explains to her mom and that she has a fetish of her own, crushing crawdads…. Her mother than sheds some light on Nikki’s hidden passion, that is runs in the family! That her herself enjoys crushing things. But she tells Nikki that crawdads just lay there and wait to be crushed. That she needs to try out these “fiddler crabs” that she just collected at the beach! Jules than continuously scoops fiddler craps onto the floor and tells her daughter to get them! They put up more of a fight! That they actually don’t want to die…. Nikki loves these new creatures and she also loves that she no longer has to hide this from her mom anymore!


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