Sasha’s Aggression

So here, at Alexandria’s house, I just LOVE putting slaves into my boots and then destroying them with my nasty sweaty feet. Knowing that they can’t escape. That they must enjoy their last few minutes alive underneath my Goddess feet. I have made thousands of slaves die this way, but I also will give over the ranks every once in a while and allow my girls to enjoy it as well. I mean I can’t hog all the fun. So Sasha knows that I have given Victoria & Daisy the opportunity so now it’s her turn. Sasha is going to put 100 worms in each of her boots. She will close them in and then jump and stomp around, as hard as she can. And these slaves will enjoy every moment of it. You can see the worm goo just oozing out of her boots. Sasha then takes the remains out of one boot and dumps them all into her other boot. That way she gets to feel all 200 worms completely encasing her foot. I then ask her at the end how it felt to have so many worms worshiping her feet.


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