See My Boots

One of my favorite fans loves to spoil me by buying me AMAZING clunky shoes to crush lots of creatures with! He’s been doing it for years… He loves to watch me casually put the victims in front of me, on the side of me, in back of me and then step on them accidentally saying the word “OOOPS” and he loves when I say the “zertreten”… He is such a good boy too. He waits patiently until it is the perfect time for me, to feel my best and look my prettiest and then put on my stomping boots and step on hundreds of goldfish and lots of bait fish! O yea, and he likes me to wear tiny weenie top bathing suits. Not really sure why… LOL Throughout this clip no words are spoken just casual enjoyment noises, the word oops and zertreten…. And at the very beginning on the clip, I go outside to wipe my boots off and notice there is something under the mat! One of my girls must have put a zip lock baggie stuffed with goldfish inside. So I make sure I put them back under the mat and I flatten them…

NOTE: clip is EXACTLY the way you see it in the preview. Full Body – SM / View of my boots – LG


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