Serving Mommy

Alexandria’s STAR “Daniella” is fed up with all of her sons. They did not serve her the way a woman and especially their own mother should have been served. So Daniella decides she is going to rid them all by swallowing them. She is going to put them back into her belly where they came from…. But not before she makes them pleasure her one last time. Some must worship her feet. Others must worship her pussy. One is lucky enough to worship her ass where he will eventually be coming out of… One son is a virgin, so before he leaves this world Mommy is going to “get him off”. She even tells him to “get off” while he is in her belly so she can feel it before he gets digested! One of her sons she places on a table and smothers him with her spit before she swallows him down…. This clip has it all!!! So if you enjoy this one, there is 4 more coming with the same scenario but different “stars” so stay tuned… 🙂


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