She Was Caught

Alexandria’s STAR “Diya” returns back to her doctor for a check from the last time she came to see Dr. Alexandria. She tells her she’s been doing much better at NOT eating live critters. Her belly feels much better now! But when Dr. Alexandria steps out of the room, Diya finds a mouse running around. Diya’s desires take over and she catches and chases the mouse. MMMMM what a great feed this would be! While Diya is trying to get the mouse to go inside her mouth, Dr. Alexandria walks in and catches her in the act! Alexandria let’s the mouse go and tells Diya she cannot be going around eating live critters! But Dr. Alexandria does give in a bit and allows Diya to swallow some live fish just to get it out of her system. Once Diya consumes them, she lays on the table and Dr Alexandria listens to them swimming around happily inside Diya’s belly.


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