Sister Power

It is not too often that I get a set of 2 hot girls that actually enjoy the art of crushing, never mind SISTERS!!! Yup… That’s right. I said SISTERS, ACTUAL SISTERS!!! Newest Crush Goddess “Corryn” (size 5 1/2) introduces her sister “Kat” (size 5 1/2) to her new found fetish… She explains to Kat that she crushed her boyfriends fish because he loved them more than her, and now she wants more and brings home some fiesty crawdads for the two to enjoy together. Kat is totally down with it. Says she wishes she could turn some men into crawdads and squish them right into the ground! Perfect statement when I heard it! I knew what I had standing in front of me!!!
So here is Corryn and Kat enjoying some “SISTER POWER”…


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