Slave Boy

Right now – you are going to be punished for being such a bad boy and there is NOTHING you can do about it. You can’t even say that I am overcharging because I made sure NOT TO so you couldn’t bitch and cry that it cost to much! So here you go “slave boy”… you see that is your name for the next 10 minutes! How do you like that? Today these poor innocent little fish are going to die because of you! It’s not my fault – IT’S YOURS SLAVE BOY! You are going to kneel before me and watch as these little fish get crushed by my boots! And if you’re lucky I might even let you lick the bottom of my boot you fucking slave boy! How pathetic are you to allow these poor innocent victims to die because of how bad of a boy you are! And don’t fucking look up at me and DON’T look at my tits either slave boy! But you see I have come to realize that this is REALLY what you wanted! You’ve been fucking with me now for 7 damn years and I never even knew it! So now, you are going to be punished and you better not look away as you hear their poor helpless bodies break underneath my Goddess boots. Look slave, look at their bodies smashed underneath my boots! How does that make you feel?


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