It was time for Alexandria to put out an SOS to all of the “old timers” and let them know there was an emergency! And the emergency was, it was time for someone to swallow some bigger fish. We get so many new girls here that are not ready to swallow the big boys! And of course, my girl, Janelle comes through!!! She sits in front of the camera and talks about how Alexandria needed her, and that she is ALWAYS here to deliver! She takes 3 HUGE fish, one at a time, and places them in her mouth. They are so big that they consume her entire mouth, she can hardly manipulate them. But Janelle does it, and she does it with no water!!! SIMPLY AMAZING! But then something starts happening. She feels her skin being pulled. She lifts up her shirt and can’t believe what she sees!!! The fish are so big, that they are expanding her belly and actually leaving stretch marks!!! She needs to get the fish out before she explodes… BUT THAT IS IN ANOTHER CLIP!!!


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