Southern Belle At It Again

Alexandria’s STAR “Southern Belle” just loves when you watch her swallow fish! In the custom clip she is in a skimpy two piece thong showing off her gorgeous little ass an belly! She crawls on the bed hunting for her prey… She then puts them in a glass in front of her, sits in the lotus yoga position so the fish get a good look at her knees. Then she takes each fish, dangles them in front of her mouth so they get a good look at where they will be going, then she lays each one of the bed and licks their entire body giving them a nice tongue bath! Then she places each one of her tongue facing down her throat, gives you an up close view of them in her mouth until down they go… Then she squats, rubs her belly and hunts for the next victim! Once they are all swallowed, she lays down and takes a nice allowing you another great view of this southern belle’s sweet little ass!


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