Stefania Experiments

Here is the last of the “experiment” clips and it is with sexy Alexandria’s STAR “Stefania”… Stefania is just so amazing to watch. She 1st show’s off her incredible brazilian body. She then takes 6 fish (all at separate times) and swallows them whole. The camera is first on her mouth, showing her deep hole. She then places the fish into her mouth and you get to watch his reaction before she closes down on him. She takes a sip of water, remains in place and then the camera shows you her powerful neck pushing him down on his way into her stomach. The camera then shows her stomach and Stefania says “I wonder what it would be like to be inside my stomach”… Stefania then lays down and swallows a glass full of goldfish… Showing off her most powerful neck skills. She then gets into position by laying flat on the floor and she wiggles her belly back and forth to get the digestion process started…. Then after an hour, Stefania regurgitates the fish back up so we can check out what it’s “REALLY” like to be inside her stomach! PURE DESTRUCTION!!!


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