Stefania’s Prisoners

Alexandria’s STAR “Stefania” is holding 5 BIG fish prisoners and she has BIG plans for them! She remains in the “lotus style” position for the entire clip other than to get her next prisoner… Each one has a sentence and that is being swallowed alive and having to fight to stay alive inside Stefania’s beautiful stomach.. Stefania holds her mouth wide open, while each prisoner stares straight down her throat. A nice bright light shines perfectly to get the entire view of the sentence… Stefania patiently waits, and once she is ready, she makes the fish slide right down her throat all with her mouth wide open and no water. BUT, she does swallow some water after she swallows them down so that they live a bit longer in their new prison! Some try and fight their way out of her clutches but there is no escape, they are all going down and Stefania thinks it’s funny!


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