Have any of you ever heard of “Succubus”??? Succubus is an ancient demoness who absorbs the souls of others in order to become more powerful… She is beautiful, sexy, alluring and it is best NOT to stare at her lips for they will memorize you into believing that you are safe, safe from harm, safe from her, BUT YOU ARE NOT! Succubus will hypnotize you with her body, then move you up to her lips and then you will entering her waiting room until Succubus is finally ready to swallow you whole and alive and take your soul… With every soul she can feel herself growing more powerful and this just excites the Succubus.. You watch as she takes the others, and you try to escape every time the Succubus reaches in for another soul… The more you resist, the more it makes her want you! She explains to you that it takes 7 seconds for you to enter her stomach and then it takes another 7 seconds for her stomach acids to destroy you! She tells you NOT to open your mouth for her medicine will surely destroy you even faster… Then she finds her biggest fan ( YOU ) in the midst of all the others… She loves the fact that YOU are next. You will not get any special privileges just because YOU are her biggest fan. The Succubus asks if you recognize her lips… Because you should! She then takes off her mask and shows you that it is her “STEFANIA”… Stefania is The Succubus! “I hope you are ready for your hell”…. she tells you!


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