That’s All You Want

I’m sure the other producers will agree with me that the biggest question that we get asked is “how do you get girls to crush for you”…. Now I don’t know if because I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s almost normal for me. Crushing for a living becomes a “normality” in our lives. All they can do is say no! So tonight, you get up the guts to go up to Kylie and hand her some crickets and tell her that all you want is for to crush them for you! Now Kylie has a whole different personality then Raven. Kylie is brash and very dominant! She’s NOT going to ask you if she’s doing it right, she gonna make you sit on the ground and watch every single one of them die! But crickets are also much different than goldfish or crawdads, they are not going to just sit there and take it! They see a big giant foot coming after them, THEY’RE GOING TO RUN AWAY! Kylie loves how they are so afraid of her. It’s a bit of cat and mouse. Once Kylie is done, she tells you to get off the floor and tells you that next time, try and give her something better to crush rather than these nasty smelly dirty mother fuckers!


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