The Ass-Hole

Alexandria’s Star “Raven” has found herself chasing after a little rabbit. But the rabbit found himself a hole that he was able to jump through. Raven bends down to inspect the hole and decides that she must find a way to get through it in order to catch up to that rabbit. She manages to get her upper half through, but when its time to get her ass through, she manages to get stuck. Stuck with ass left in a vulnerable position, she manages to get herself through. She goes to catch up with the rabbit, but finds herself some delicious little snacks – LIVE GOLDFISH! She soon forgets about the rabbit she was chasing and indulges herself with her new found snacks. Swallowing each one down and loving the way they feel, she notices the rabbit ran right passed her and back out the hole. Raven then tries once again to get through the hole and just like before, gets herself stuck! She knows she cannot stay like this so she manages to break through.


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