The Babysitter

Angel-Rose wants to sit down on the couch but the kid she’s babysitting (you – John) won’t move! Angel gets pissed off and starts COMPLETELY humiliating you! She finally has had it and sits down and puts her smelly feet right in your face and she thinks its completely funny that you now have to sit there and take her stinky ass feet! She’s actually been fantasizing about it for a long time! Her feet now OWN your nasty ass! Then your mom gets home (Alexandria) and her and Angel start talking about their day. Alexandria makes a big deal about her toe nail polish. Alexandria thinks its funny what Angel-Rose is doing to you… Alex tells you that she’s going away for a very long time and that you better listen to your babysitter. Now you now that you are in for some trouble! Angel-Rose goes and gets your pet fish and she makes you sit there and watch as she swallows your pets! But Angel doesn’t really want to sit around and babysit you all day so she turns you into a fish and threatens the life out of you before she finally places you in her mouth and swallows you down!


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