The Beast

After a whole year of Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” being gone, she has finally returned. BUT I must inspect her belly before I can just have her start making more clips. So Makayla is in her bikini and I start to see what I have to work with now. Her stomach is just ROARING at me, like there is a beast in there! I cannot believe the noises I am hearing. I pat her belly, put me ear up to it, and I even take a stethoscope to hear what exactly is going on in there! So we decide that maybe her belly in grumbling because she hasn’t swallowed any live prey lately… So I give her ONE fish to swallow. She takes me hand and guides me down the path the victim is taken… Then I have her pose for me a bit! But her belly is just so loud that we leave to go get something to quiet “The Beast” down…


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