The Challenge

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” comes to visit with me once a month. And every time she comes, she wants to “check out” all the “other stars” just to see if she has any competition! And for some reason, “Diamond” stood out to her! I don’t know if it was because she is blonde or because she is only 18 yrs old but Makayla DID NOT like her one bit! So, Makayla decides to “CHALLENGE” Diamond to a contest on who has the stronger stomach! Makayla “shit talks” Diamond, calling her a rhinestone!!! Then she swallows a tube full of fish and swallows all the fish down “the Makayla way”!!! But that’s not all she does… She pulls out AN EEL! For she knows that Diamond has never swallowed an eel and this will certainly make Diamond “back down” from the challenge! Makayla places the eel on her tongue and slides him right down her throat! Then she rubs her belly, letting everything digest, and says “Top That, DIAMOND”….


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