The Crush Fetish

You know, throughout the years, I always told you when a clip was one of my favorites…. I know the last favorite was Stefania’s “A Crush Fetish Dream”…. Des with “My Kinda Girl”… And my “personal” favorite “Sports Fans”. Well Raven has put herself on my list with “The Crush Fetish”! I knew one of these days she would make it, with her big size 11’s and the sexiness that she exudes. So here’s how it goes: Raven explains to you about what the crush fetish is. Why it turns people on. She explains the role of her feet and then she brings it all together by crushing a bunch of crawdads under the soles of her feet for one explosive clip! You will certainly want this one in your collection.
Congrats Raven! You Made It!


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