The Jada Way II

There is only one way for this Crush Goddess to crush and that’s “The Jada Way”… Jada wakes up and tells you good morning and then gives herself a quick “taste” inspection before removing her clothes but putting her boots on! She goes out to the garage and fixes her make up while a few crawdads try to escape her boots from crashing down on them. Once she is good to go she stands up and crushes any remaining crawdads. She places a few in a glass jar and releases her pee all over them and she leaves them in there to soak in it… She goes over to the lobster that is patiently waiting her turn and she rips off his claws with her boots. This gets Jada a little hott and bothered so she sits down and pleases herself for a bit. She tells you that the best is yet to come and she finishes herself off before standing up and finishes off the lobster!


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