The Naughty List

We were able to see Alexandria’s STAR “Victoria” take care of the “Nice List”, so now we will move on to “The Naughty List”… And who better than “Sasha” to take care of all the naughty boys!!!! Sasha is the perfect Naughty Goddess…. You see, your wives/girlfriends sent you all in to us, to dispose of you! You were NOT good boys this year and now you were changed into a goldfish and sent to Sasha and she is going to take care of this “Naughty List”… She thinks its ridiculous that you had to be changed into measly goldfish. And she also thinks it’s funny when you try to escape, for even if you do, she’ll just get you next year! There is no escaping the “Naught Goddess”, so if you were lucky enough to NOT make her list, I’d suggest keeping this in mind during the upcoming year or else you will end up just like all these naughty boys!


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