The Naughty Sister

Crush Goddess “Makayla” brother Blaine was having a party with his jock friends. But the beer they were drinking was laced with something that turned them all into crickets! Makayla walks into the garage to see why it got so quiet and she finds all the boys had been turned into weak bugs! This turns Makayla on, the power she now has. So the first thing she does is takes out her brother and tapes him to the glass table. She tells him that he is going to watch as she makes out with one of his teammates! Blaine starts yelling at this sister, telling her that she is a slut! Makayla tells him to shut the fuck or he’ll be next! She plucks out another teammate and hangs him over her mouth and uses her tongue like a serpent trying to get its prey. She opens her mouth, drops him in, and then hawks a loogie onto her foot. As he slides down her foot and drops to the floor, Makayla picks him up and places him inside her tits and then kills him by smushing him with her boobs. The next few crickets get demolished by her bare feet on top of the table… all while her brother watches! She has a little bit of fun with two of the crickets. She tells them she is going to try to spit them back into the bowl and if she gets them in, she will let them go, but if she misses, well they get smashed by her feet! I’m sure you can figure out if they get away or not. As for her brother, well he gets smushed by his sisters ass! Makayla laughs and then goes back to bed!


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