The Three Jobs

Crush Goddess “Violet” notices you in the club watching her… She walks over to you and asks “would a piece of shit like you want to spend the night with a true Goddess like me”??? She also asks if you like hand jobs, foot jobs or blow jobs? You tell her all three!!! Then all of a sudden you wake up in a strange place and you have been turned into a lobster!!! She tells you that you are going to get your wish, but not the way you think!!! She takes you and gives you “your footjob” by crushing your tail and back… Then she gives you your hand job by taking you by her hands and plunging her heel into the side of your head! Then she takes a carrot, takes a bite, and places the remaining carrot into the hole she created by her heel. She throws you on the ground and spits out her carrot at you and tells you “there’s your blow job”!!! Violet is so turned on now that she stands on your back and orgasms while crushing the rest of your body!!!


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