The Will To Live

Crush Goddess “DIYA” decided to stop by the other day to check out my new place and said she was “in the mood”, I said “In the mood for what”? And she said “TO CRUSH SOMETHING”!!!! I said “Great, I have some crawdads in the garage”…. She asked me what I wanted her wear and I told her “What are you crazy???? WHAT YOU HAVE ON”!!!! I absolutely loved the outfit she had on, the shoes and this fan she kept fanning herself with! I told her I loved the entire outfit!!! So, in her Mary Janes, fanning herself and looking like a “geisha girl” DIYA crushes a bunch of crawdads… She even sits down and takes a break, looking right at one of the crawdads telling him she can’t wait to crush him and if he would like to see her shoes… She also dumps out the bucket and does a little mass crush telling the crawdads that they are all about to die!!! Once she is satisfied, she sits back down on the couch and fans herself for that took a lot out of her!


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